Genomics will revolutionize many aspects of our lives...

Our goal is to realize the full potential of genomics.


We work to expand understanding and drive the kind of innovation that brings practical, evidence-based solutions to some of life’s biggest challenges.

Why Genomics?

Every living organism has a genome. The insights gleaned from genomics hold the key to unleashing innovations across a host of sectors, presenting unprecedented opportunities to drive economic growth and improve quality of life for people across the globe.

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Throughout the day, the composition of the milk nursing mothers produce for their babies changes. Milk in the morning contains...

August 19, 2019
sector_ico_Health_trans Health

In humans, the hair cells that enable hearing cannot regrow if they are damaged by loud noises or illness, which...

August 16, 2019
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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had to make a big decision in the 1990’s in order to save...

August 15, 2019